Best Living Room Chair for Neck Pain 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Best Living Room Chair for Neck Pain 2022

Best Living Room Chair for Neck PaiN


 If you’re prone to neck pain, you must opt for a nice and comfortable chair. It will support your neck while you enjoy a movie or rest. This article will show you how to choose the finest living room chair for neck pain. So that you can sit peacefully while also changing the aesthetic of your interior spaces.

 Exhausting neck pain can result from extra hours of continuous activity in the home. Your neck muscles can tense due to poor sitting and inappropriate napping positions. Sometimes, it is even difficult to move your neck laterally as the pain becomes intolerable.

Best Living Room Chair for Neck Pain

 The living room is indeed one of the perfect spots to take place and relax after a hard day. Also, it’s where you can watch the news, spend time with family, play games, or entertain colleagues and relatives.

 We all enjoy sitting luxuriously after spending many hours on our legs. A decent, comfy chair can improve your seating comfort. While also helping to relieve body problems like back stiffness, neck pain, and foot tiredness.


Homall Recliner Chair for Living Room

Homall Recliner Chair

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The Homall Recliner is the best example of elegance, yet it is also effective and relaxing. There is no warm, massage, or electric vibration. All there is a fairly basic mechanism to operate as a recliner.

 If you do not prefer something tricky or hard to manage or need durable and smoothly adjusted, this is the chair for you. And, as previously stated, it is fairly comfy, with no complications.

 While the Homall Recliner Chair lacks innovative functions such as vibration or heating, it includes curved armrests, adequate padding, and a high updated footrest.

 Moreover, you’ll find three distinct seats accessible to you. These include an upright position, a laid-back position, and a posture near lying down in the chair for resting or sleeping.


Even at its greatest recline, it does not recline all the way to go completely flat, but it is easily far enough to have a lovely nap or a great novel if you so like.


Besides that, it includes soft polyurethane leather and comes with an adjustable footrest and plenty of padding. The armrests are large for your convenience, and the footrest is additionally padded to assure relaxation over long periods of use.

Pros & Cons

  • Top-quality PU leather

  • The seat is thickly cushioned.

  • Padded footrest

  • Adjustable modes

  • There is no massage or heating system.
  • No sufficient support for the lumber


JUMMICO Recliner Chair with Thick Seat Cushion and Backrest 

Homall Recliner Chair

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Would you like to relax your neck for a long period? Look at our Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair review, which is at the top of our selection. Plus, for an ideal fabric recliner for your small apartments, you should consider its qualities.


The fabric texture of Jummico is the first thing that stands out. Also, you can make spots for yourself if you’re looking for harmony in your interior with this recliner. 


Besides that, it includes three unique settings that you can manually change from 90 to 165 degrees, allowing you to sit comfortably while having tea or watching TV without straining your neck.


You can flexibly alter a footrest whenever you prefer to lift your feet while sleeping or sitting.


Another quality you can enjoy about this fabric chair is its eight distinct massage settings for back pain—the vibrations in part adjust to your back and begin to relieve you when you are sitting.


Moreover, the fabric recliner is comfortable, and it comes with a wired remote control for adjusting those settings. As a result, you don’t feel the chair’s skeleton in your body.


Overall, Jummico may be the perfect option for you if you’re searching for a fabric recliner that provides extra comfort without causing back and neck aches.

Pros & Cons

  • Top-quality PU leather
  • The seat is thickly cushioned.
  • Padded footrest
  • Adjustable modes
  • There is no massage or heating system.
  • No sufficient support for the lumber


FDW Recliner Chair Living Room Lounge Chaise with Padded Seat Backrest


living Room Lounge Chaise with Padded Seat Backrest

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You’ve probably heard of FDW chairs if you’re somewhat familiar with the comfortable lounging items. When looking for a lounge chair on amazon, you’ve undoubtedly come across the FDW brand. 


After all, it’s one of the most well-known companies available.


Theatre seats are extremely costly. Whether you want to replace an old chair or purchase a new one, you will find it to be a significant cost. That’s why this chair is so valuable. 


A well-designed, fully-featured chair at a budget-friendly rate.


Moreover, the chair is designed and made in long-lasting PU. Let us clarify what PU is for those who are unfamiliar. PU is a synthetic leather fabric created from split leather, the residual fibres from the hide remnants. This artificial leather is then coated in polyurethane.


The chair has a basic pushback feature that is super easy to use. When you push back with your legs, the footrest lifts together with the backrest.


Furthermore, this FDW chair is extremely comfy and ideal for individuals who want to rest and relax. This chair has been acquired for usage in offices, movie rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. It is so convenient to slide back into the recline.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable and Reliable Support

  • Quick adjustment helps to relax at any angle.

  • dual-function foot extension

  • PU leather upholstery is long-lasting and water-resistant.

  • Material of average quality


Christopher Knight Home Mid Century Modern Recliner


Christopher Knight Home Mid Century Modern Recliner Grey

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One of the most challenging elements of living in a tiny area is finishing it with comfy furniture that doesn’t cover the whole area. At the same time, a comfy reclining chair may be the alternative you want.


It’s manufactured from 100 % polyester with birch wood legs. Plus, it has an elegant upholstered back and super-soft cushions for maximum comfort.


It resembles a sleek mid-century modern chair in the upright mode, distinguishing it from other recliners. However, like other recliners, the footrest comes up as soon as you lie back. It allows you to lay down completely and rest.


Moreover, this chair is comfy and versatile, working well in various living room settings, including mid-century style.


Featuring simple lines and a sleek look. No one will even recognize that this chair is a recliner until you place your feet up after a hard day. Furthermore, the back is somewhat tufted for ultimate comfort, and the seat is extremely cushioned.


Its slim design and sleek style are ideal for tiny spaces, such as our open-plan one-bedroom flat. Also, the fabric and cushions are durable, and the reclining feature is stable and durable.”


Lastly, choose this adaptable and economical mid-century modern reclining chair rather than settling for unpleasant chairs in your little space.

Pros & Cons

  • 100% Polyester

  • Upholstered with a soft fabric

  • Gorgeous birch wood legs

  • The stylish waffle stitch pattern

  • The reclining potion isn’t very effective.
  • Quite narrow



Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated Composite Materials Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel


Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated Composite Materials Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel


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This Esright recliner chair claims to have a lot of options.  However, this chair is not only sturdy but it can also be adjusted to your requirements.


The features of this chair are managed with a connected remote. Therefore, this remote operates five different settings and has two intensity levels to choose from. You have complete command over the chair’s vibrations with the remote.


Besides that, you can focus on pain points to decrease back and neck stress. You can also choose the intensity of vibrations you require. All of this can be controlled with a few buttons. The remote being linked to the chair is very handy.


The material is extremely soft and comfy. It is highly padded and gives double the relief of a regular reclining chair. In addition to being waterproof, the material is also simple to clean.


The Esright massage recliner chair includes a footrest that appears out when you force the chair back. Also, The footrest has double cushioning since it is where stress is most exerted.


Moreover, both the fabric and the PU leather are long-lasting materials. They are easy to clean and do not easily shred. Indeed, the body is made up of top-quality wood and strong iron. 


Each composite of this chair has a high level of durability to damage. Plus, The use of a double cushion makes this chair keep comfort.

Pros & Cons

  • 5 Relaxing Feature

  • Seat swivels 360 degrees

  • Intuitive thick padded

  • Two side pouch on both armrest

  • Quite heavy


Yaheetech Recliner Chair Faux Leather Recliner Sofa Adjustable Modern Recliner Seat

Yaheetech Recliner Chair Faux Leather Recliner Sofa Adjustable Modern Recliner Seat


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The Yaheetech Recliner Chair is composed of PU leather and may be used as a recliner chair or a home cinema sofa with great neck relief and move-back recliners.


Undoubtedly, it is now the most popular new product in the living room chair category. Additionally, a high-quality pocket spring coil supports the thick and dense foam.


Though, this type of spring provides excellent support to your body, allowing you to have a better, more interesting time. 


Moreover, it can be used as a nice tiny sofa in your living room, workplace, or bedroom to help you relax or have fun while watching movies, Tv series, or playing video games.


Furthermore, PU and PVC fabric wrap the thick material and incorporate softness for their stain reactivity and doing effectively in the water. Consequently, it eliminates the risk of spilled beverages on the chair. Plus, it’s easy to clean with a moist towel and mild cleanser.


Hence, this fantastic recliner chair allows you to sit up straight, lie flat, or sit with your legs elevated. As you force the backrest, the footrest will pop up and resist at an angle between 0 and 90º. 


Lastly, this upholstered reclining sofa has a dense covering of foam, a comfortable cushion, and a backrest and footrest filled with rayon fibres.

Pros & Cons

  • High-density foam seat

  • non-marking feet

  • Ergonomic Footrests

  • Upholstered Backrest

  • Mid-quality material



Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner for Elderly, Brown


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The Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner is from Ashley Furniture’s iconic collection, and it features robust yet soft construction that makes it a great long-term purchase.


If you face joint pain, neck or back problems, sitting upright from a chair may show hard. Reliable lift recliners, such as the Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner, come in helpful in this situation. 


Moreover, these lift recliner chairs include a motorized lift mechanism that moves the chair forward to assist you in standing up without placing strain on your legs or spine.


The Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner is a simple but appealing power lift recliner from a world-class manufacturer at a remarkably low cost.


The Unique Style by Ashley Yandel Power Recliner is equipped with two motors, one for managing the recline position of the chair back and footrest and the other for the lift feature.


A simple wired controller connected to the chair makes it easier to control the recline systems individually, allowing you to experience an infinite variety of possible positions since the seat back and footrest can be managed independently.


Also, the Yandel is upholstered with bonded fabric, which is appealing and long-lasting. Furthermore, it lays flat enough that you can rest in it. You’ll be truly amazed in terms of comfort for many hours at a time.

Pros & Cons

  • Stylish and impressive aesthetic

  • Exceptionally durable

  • System of backup power

  • Forward and backward tilting ability

  • Little heavy
  • Occasionally, the chair becomes stuck in the fully upright position.


Flash Furniture Recliner Chair with Ottoman, LeatherSoft Swivel Recliner Chair with Ottoman Footrest


Flash Furniture Recliner Chair with Ottoman


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Comfort is a key focus in a chair. However, the design shows up in a second. Probably you expect your chair to look decent and feel pleasant when you sit in it.


Flash Furniture has a tremendous online presence and is always looking to improve. Their recliners have been updated to better meet their clients’ needs in recent years. In their catalogue, they provide a large number of possibilities.


This recliner is available in various hues, but the brown vintage is possibly the most visually appealing. A separated ottoman footrest completes the parcel perfectly.


Flash Furniture Recliner has a stunning design with a comfy experience. Plus, this recliner contains both the chair and a detachable ottoman footrest for a decent price. Offered a budget-friendly price level, the ottoman is a great bonus.


Additionally, when sitting on a chair, the holistic headset provides a pleasant and velvety area to lay your head.


However, the upholstered armrests on this chair feature sufficient cushioning so you may rest your arms.


The seat incorporates a ball-bearing rotating base for effortless mobility and precise rotation. You won’t have to get out of your chair to reach an adjacent switch or desk.


Apart from that, a beautiful mahogany wood base completes the recliner’s exceptional appearance and features.


After the first look, the pricing is the great factor you’ll appreciate about this recliner from Flash Furniture. If you’re searching for a low-cost option for a neck pain chair, this is a great option.


The chair’s overall appearance is also noteworthy. It has a fantastic vintage framework that would look brilliant in any living room.

Pros & Cons

  • Plush upholstered armrests

  • ball-bearing design

  • Reclining Lever

  • good price

  • There are no extra features


Roundhill Furniture Pisano Armless Contemporary Accent Chair with Kidney Pillow

Roundhill Furniture Pisano Teal Blue Fabric Armless Contemporary Accent Chair with Kidney Pillow

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It is an excellent chair to buy if you’re searching for a signature chair to refresh your living area. The chair’s small and stylish design makes it excellent for compact places, making it great for greeting guests to your home.


This stunning chair is offered in a variety of vibrant hues. Plus, the chair is upholstered with chenille canvas material, including hardwood feet. It also comes with a free kidney cushion in the same shade as the chair.


It doesn’t have armrests, allowing you to load more chairs into a limited space. The chair is ideal for lowering neck pain or muscle aches as it has a very tall back that provides better neck assistance. The cushion is strong and comfortable whenever you sit, and the kidney cushion is ideal for relieving lumbar pain.


However, the chair doesn’t swivel or recline, but it’s a nice fashion item if you’re small living room and want to remark. Armrests would have been a wonderful bonus; however, the remaining can also make the chair look and feel a fair bit heavier.


The stylish aesthetic is formed by the well-designed curved shapes and tapering legs, while the foam core provides an extraordinarily comfortable seat.


These accent chairs are made of high-quality hardwood that will endure a long time, and they have a rich espresso finish to complete the aesthetic. The leg’s floor protector will keep your floor from being scratched.

Pros & Cons

  • Floor Protection and a Long-Lasting Hardwood Foundation

  • Luxurious upholstery and an attractive design

  • Chenille fabric with a soft, textured surface.

  • Durability and colour fastness are both excellent.

  • For some people, resting without armrests is inconvenient.
  • Because of the chair height, it is usually preferred for tall individuals.


RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style, Reclining Chair

RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style, Reclining Gaming Chair


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The innovative Respawn-900 is a stationary recliner with a cup holder a footrest and is cost-effective.


The Respawn-900’s armrests are broad slabs of padding, fully covering the edges of the chair down to the bottom of the seat. They’re wide and comfortable, and there’s a big cup holder on the left armrest.


Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the recliner is the footrest. It’s a faux leather-covered padded rectangular pad that extends forward into the seat.


Additionally, the metal arms attached to a handle beneath the right armrest raise the footrest forward to assist your legs at the knees and calves properly.


These chairs usually represent a bunch of features. Almost all of them have high backs that can recline, wheeled bases, and strong armrests that don’t have cup holders.


However, Respawn has a non-wheeled unit intended to be placed in a fixed place. With a cup holder and a flip-up footrest, this is one for the living room. It’s a fascinating option to a standard recliner, and its relaxing, innovative design wins it our Editors’ Preference.


The backrest is tall and surrounded by two large wings to assist the shoulders. Two huge vents under the headrest provide airflow and offer a connection spot for the stretchy strap on the included faux-leather neck cushion.


It feels so relaxed while leaning back for watching TV. A partial recline for Twitch streaming or movie marathons allows you to relax and zone out.


Therefore, you can conveniently recline up to 135-degrees and feel confident since the adjustable base offers durable assistance.

Pros & Cons

  • Plush, detachable headrest pillow

  • Entirely functional

  • 360-degree swivel base

  • Durable support

  • Expensive

Buying Guide for Best Living Room Chair for Neck Pain

Various factors might be affecting your neck pain. Prolonged sitting, poor posture, and the physical effect of your daily tasks are all triggers of neck pain.


However, if you get neck pain after resting in your chair, the structure of your chair could be the reason.


The perfect living room chair alleviates the pain in your neck and can relax your muscles. If you are searching for the ideal chair to reduce neck pain. Then you should consider one that gives the following factors;


Neck support


After working for long hours, try to relax your neck muscles. Chairs with a low back don’t provide neck assistance and support muscles even if you sit comfortably.


It’s because keeping your head in place while watching TV still takes a lot of effort from your neck muscles. Therefore, consider a chair with an elevated back so you can lay back your head and relax those aching muscles.


Fabric and Design


The chair must have a durable design. Plus, the internal frame should be sturdy enough to bear and support your weight. Aside from that, seating should be ergonomically designed with soft, high-density material.


Furthermore, the chair’s seat fabric should be comfortable and top-quality. Fabric enhances the chair’s appearance, specifically in living room chairs. Also, many chairs come in a variety of colours as well. You can select the one that goes with your interiors.




Armrests help relieve shoulder pain by supporting your arms and lowering the stress in your shoulder muscles. The muscles and nerves of the shoulders are connected to the neck. When there is no shoulder muscles strain, the stress in your neck relieves as well.


Plus, a perfect chair with comfortable armrests can assist you to feel more relaxed while limiting your neck pain. If you are susceptible to a stiff neck, you should prefer a chair with high armrests.



Select a chair based on the amount of space available in your living room. You do not need to overcrowd the area. Moreover, you can confirm the size of the chair on the internet to get a clue.



To avoid overpaying, always set a budget limit. These chairs are not inexpensive, so choose one that meets your demands and fits your budget. Therefore, invest in a chair with unique features and a long lifespan. With the relevant research, you can select the best chair for your price.





All of the items are of the best quality and effective in their form. You can select the option that best meets your needs and money.

We hope that this information has benefited you in locating a high-quality living room chair in which you may sit back, relax, and allow your neck muscles to rest. 

We’re confident that any of these chairs will look great in your living room, plus they’re all comfortable and help to relieve neck stress or discomfort.